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January 28, 2004 Minutes

Prince George’s County House Delegation

County Affairs Committee Meeting

January 28, 2004




  1. Chairman Obie Patterson                                                
  2. Delegate Rosetta Parker                                                 
  3. Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard
  4. Delegate James E. Proctor, Jr.
  5. Delegate Melony Ghee Griffith



  1. Delegate Barbara Frush
  2. Delegate James Hubbard


Meeting began at 8:45 a.m.



Ø      Chairman began the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.  Then he brought the members’ attention to bill PG 400-04.


Ø      Delegate Howard asked that the bill be special ordered until the State makes its decision on the Garvey Bond.


Ø      Chairman Patterson then moved on to the next bill, PG 408-04.  Delegate Howard moved that the bill be reported as unfavorable.  Delegate Parker seconded this motion.


Committee vote:  Delegates Howard, Parker, Patterson, and Parker voted in the affirmative on Delegate Howard’s motion on PG 408-04; and Delegate Griffith abstained.  Bill PG 408-04 reported as unfavorable with the sufficient number of votes.


Ø      Delegate Mary Conroy joined the meeting to testify on her bill, PG 400-04, and the committee informed her that the bill is special ordered until a later date.


Ø      Discussion for the next meeting, February 4, 2004 will be on the PG 404-04 and PG 405-04 bills.


Ø      Meeting adjourned at 8:55 a.m.