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February 25, 2004 Agenda

Prince George’s County House Delegation

County Affairs Committee



February 25, 2004

8:30 AM



I.       Opening Remarks

Chairman Obie Patterson


II.               Agenda Items


o             PG-400-04 ~ Prince George’s County – Prohibited Funding and

Permits for Highway Projects:    Sponsor Delegate Mary Conroy


For the purpose of prohibiting the Department of Transportation from spending any funds or granting approvals or permits for certain purposes relating to certain proposed highway projects in Prince George’s County; clarifying language; and generally relating to highways in Prince Georges County.



o             PG-403-04 ~ Prince George’s County – Education Funding – Tax

Limitation Exception:   Sponsor Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard


For the purpose of authorizing the County Executive of Prince George’s County to recommend that the County Council set a county real property tax rate exceeding a level permitted by the County Charter subject to a certain limitation if the County Executive considers the higher rate necessary to provide adequate funding to the Board of Education of Prince George’s County; authorizing the County Council, on recommendation of the County Executive, to set a county real property tax rate by a certain vote in excess of that permitted by the Charter subject to a certain limitation for funding the approved budget of the Board; requiring that, if the Charter limitation is exceeded, certain levels of funding be maintained and certain revenues be committed to the Board; requiring that before a county real property tax rate that exceeds the Charter tax rate limit becomes effective, the county law adopting the rate shall be submitted to a referendum of the legally qualified voters of Prince George’s County; requiring the Board to apply certain priorities when using the revenue generated by the county real property tax rate authorized by this Act for funding education items; requiring the governing body of Prince George’s County to grant, by law, a property tax credit of a certain amount against the county property tax imposed on the real property of a dwelling owned  by certain individuals under certain circumstances; providing for the application of this Act; and generally relating to the property tax and education funding in Prince George’s County.





III.           Adjournment