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12-19-07 Minutes

Law Enforcement Public Hearing - Notes


Del. Benson presided over most of the meeting (Del. Holmes presided over the hearing for the 3 bi county bills). 


Noted as attending:  Benson, Holmes, Howard, Ramirez, Turner, Valderrama, Peña-Melnyk, Niemann, Frush, Ross, Vallario, Healey, Levi, and I believe, Ivey


The Law Enforcement Committee held hearings on each bill on its agenda and also PG 318-07, which was added to the agenda yesterday.


The Bi County bills that received a hearing were: MC/PG 102-07, MC/PG 120-07, and MC/PG 125-07.


In the discussion about juvenile issues and truancy prevention (PG 303-07 and 317-07 , the delegates commented that they had heard bills on this subject at the County Affairs public hearing (PG 406-07, 407-07, and 423-07) and would try to come up with an approach that might consolidate ideas from all these bills.


There was a discussion concerning one of the bi county bills (MC/PG125-07) about reassigning the bill to County Affairs.