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County Affairs

Thu, Jan. 16th, 2014 9 a.m.
Room 150 (Delegation Room) House Building, Annapolis

Local Bill # Bill Title House Bill # Status
PG 403-14 University of Maryland College Park Bus Service - Motor Vehicle Permit Exception - Removal of Sunset HB 1057 Local - Delegation
FAV 16-1 Favorable
PG 404-14 City of College Park Employees - Participation in the Employees' Pension System HB 1046 House - 3rd Reading
PG 410-14 Election Law - Polling Places - Accommodations for Disabled Voters HB 1044 House - Committee Action
Public Hearing
PG 421-14 Adults With Developmental Disabilities Citizen's Advisory Committee - Sunset Repeal HB 1019 House - 3rd Reading
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