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Thu, Feb. 13th, 2014 11:30 a.m.
Held due to Weather Concerns

Local Bill # Bill Title House Bill # Status
PG 303-14 Raffles - Charitable Foundation Affiliated With Professional Football Team HB 965 Local - Delegation
FWA Final Amendment approved and pending drafting
PG 304-14 Prince George's County - Alcoholic Beverages - Sunday Off-Sale Permit HB 966 Local - Delegation
PG 310-14 Prince George's County - State's Attorney - Salary HB 976 House - 3rd Reading
PGMC 110-14 M-NCPPC Park Police - Workers' Compensation - Lyme Disease Presumption - Repeal of Termination Date HB 977 House - 3rd Reading
PGMC 112-14 PG/MC 112-14 Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Regulations to Prohibit Smoking or Use of Electronic Cigarettes HB 1334 House - 3rd Reading
Additional Information:
Speaker: NA Summary: Votes held on PG 304, PGMC 110 and PGMC112. Two Bills Special ordered One Week.
Note - all meeting dates, times, and agendas are subject to change and are at the discretion of the Chairman.