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County Affairs

Thu, Feb. 20th, 2014 9 a.m.
Room 150

Local Bill # Bill Title House Bill # Status
PG 406-14 Transportation- Interstate 95 Link to Roadways or Property Near the University of Maryland, College Park - Spending Prohibited HB 1061 None
None None
PG 407-14 Transportation - Roadway Near High Voltage Electric Transmission Line in Prince George's County - Limitation HB 980 None
None None
PG 409-14 County Board of Education - Public High Schools - Outdoor Synthetic Turf Fields HB 1013 Local - Delegation
FWA 15-2
PG 418-14 Employees' Pension System - Prince George's County - Optional Membership HB 1047 House - 3rd Reading
PG 419-14 Condominiums - Limit on Assessments HB 1027 House - Committee Action
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