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Legislation - Bill History

Below you will find a detailed summary of the selected bill, including a complete legislative history. For your convenience, please refer to the legend in the sidebar to understand what actions were taken during each step of the legislative process. You may use the back button above to return to the bill view page to browse other bills.

For Bi-County Bills, the Prince George's County and Montgomery County Delegations must concur before local legislation can be moved to a House Standing Committee. If there is no agreement then the bill fails.

Bill Information: 
PG 305-19 Prince George’s County – Speed Monitoring Systems – Maryland Route 210 2 (Indian Head Highway)
Sponsor Del. Valderrama
Synopsis FOR the purpose of repealing certain provisions of law that limit the number and location of speed monitoring systems that may be placed and used on Maryland Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) in Prince George’s County; authorizing the placement and use of speed monitoring systems at any intersection on Maryland Route 210 in Prince George’s County; making certain conforming changes; and generally relating to the placement and use of speed monitoring systems on Maryland Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) in Prince George’s County.
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House Bill #
Bill History: 
Local Action:
1/17/2019 Local - Subcommittee: FWA
2/8/2019 Local - Delegation: FAA
3/15/2019 Local - Delegation: FWA
House Action:
3/7/2019 House - Hearing Date: No Action
3/16/2019 House - Committee Action: FWA
3/16/2019 House - 2nd Reading: FWA
3/18/2019 House - 3rd Reading: FWA
Senate Action:
3/28/2019 Senate - Hearing Date: No Action
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CAN - Hearing Canceled

FWA - Favorable w/ Amendment(s)

S/O - Special Order

CC - Conference Committee

PWA - Passed w/ Amendment(s)

SS - Summer Study

CON - Concur on Amendment

REC - Reconsider

UNF - Unfavorable

FAV - Favorable

SBC - Sent Back to Committee

WDR - Withdrawn by Sponsor