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Below you will find a comprehensive list of local legislation that has come before the Delegation. You may use the sidebar on the right to filter the bills by session year or committee. To find detailed information about each bill, including sponsors, synopsis, bill text, and bill history, please click on the Local Bill # link for the respective bill you would like to research.

Local Bill # Bill Title House Bill # Status
PG 302-18 Speed Monitoring Systems - Rte 210  
PG 303-18 Alcoholic Beverages - Class BLX License - Movie Theaters  
PG 304-18 Alcoholic Beverages-Entertainment Permits-Exception  
PG 400-18 Abandoned Property - Special Property Tax Rate  
PG 401-18 Asset Transfer for Magnetic Levitation Transportation System - Municipal Agreement  
PG 402-18 Asset Transfer for Maglev- Hearing and Approval Requirements  
PG 403-18 Video Lottery Facility - Local Development Council Membership  
PG 404-18 Vacant and Abandoned Residential Property - Foreclosure  
PG 405-18 Property Tax Credit for Security Cameras Systems  
PG 407-18 Property Tax - Homeowners Property Tax Credit Supplement  
PG 408-18 Affordable Housing Commission  
PG 409-18 Landlord Tenant Cases - Alternative Dispute Resolution Program  
PG 410-18 Task Force to Study Health and Safety Standards for Rental Housing  
PG 411-18 Prince George's County Environmental Justice Commission  
PG 412-18 Sale of Residential Real Property- Community Amenities - Advertising  
PG 414-18 The Affordable Housing Act of 2018  
PG 418-18 Vehicle Laws - Authority to Tow Abandoned Vehicles  
PG 420-18 Authority to Impose a Bag Fee for Disposable Bags  
PG 429-18 Utilities Service - Master Meters  
PG 501-18 Elementary School - Limit on Class Size  
PG 504-18 Student Hearing and Vision Screenings - Reporting Requirements  
PG 505-18 Equity in Education Act  
PG 506-18 Students with Disability Report  
PG 507-18 Election of Vice Chair and Voting Procedures  
PG 508-18 PGCPS - Office of Inspector General - Establishment  
PG 509-18 Prince George's County Board of Education - Governance  
PG 510-18 Teachers and Administrators Child Protective Services Investigation Findings  
PG 511-18 Academic Revitalization and Management Effectiveness Initiative - Repeal  
PG 512-18 School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018  
PG 513-18 Telecommunications Transmission Faculity on Public School Grounds - Public Hearing Notification  
PGMC 101-18 Office of the Inspector General  
PGMC 102-18 Special Exception Hearings - Required Notice  
PGMC 103-18 Connection Pipe Emergency Replacement Loan Program  
PGMC 105-18 Indirect Customer Assistance Program  
PGMC 107-18 Water Leakage - Billing  
PGMC 108-18 Maryland-Washington Regional - Prince George's County - Municipal Authority  
PGMC 109-18 Public Utilities - Property Management  
PGMC 111-18 Funding Accountability and Transparency  
PGMC 112-18 Service Charges  
PGMC 114-18 Anacostia River Trail - Solar Lighting Study  
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CAN - Hearing Canceled

FWA - Favorable w/ Amendment(s)

S/O - Special Order

CC - Conference Committee

PWA - Passed w/ Amendment(s)

SS - Summer Study

CON - Concur on Amendment

REC - Reconsider

UNF - Unfavorable

FAV - Favorable

SBC - Sent Back to Committee

WDR - Withdrawn by Sponsor