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The Maryland General Assembly meets in Annapolis for 90 days at the start of every year to set the state’s multi-billion dollar budget and to consider more than 2,000 potential laws for the upcoming year. The 2019 session began January 9, 2018 and ends Monday, April 8, 2019.                                        

Find Your Representatives

Visit and type in your address for a complete list of your local, state, and Federal representatives.


Track a Bill

Bills are assigned numbers when they are introduced. Visit for the latest hearings, agendas, schedules and to get copies and updates for each bill.


Search a Committee

Visit the GAM Committee List page to learn more about committee membership, schedules, and bill statuses.


Stream Sessions

View House Committee Hearings

View Senate Committee Hearings

Voice Your Opinion

If you find a bill that you feel strongly about, let your elected representative know! Personalized emails which come from voters within a lawmaker’s district are especially appreciated, and are often given priority by the elected leader. Delegates can be reached at “first name.last name”.