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February 19, 2003





                                                                                         February 19,2003


The meeting was called to order at 8:35 am Meeting adjourned 8:50am

In attendance:  
egate Patterson, Chair

Delegate Parker, Vice Chair

Delegate Frush

Delegate Proctor

Delegate Griffith

Delegate Hubbard

Delegate Howard

Lisa Simpson, Counsel


All Delegates were present


Delegate Patterson thanked the attendees for their presence and he gave an overview for the discussion:

There were four bills presented today as follows.

The chair stated that he would like to move these bills as soon as possible.


Pg  409-03 Prince George’s County-Telecommunication Tax-Exemption

                                    Sponsor: Delegate Healey

This bill authorizes the County Council of Prince George’s County to impose sales and use tax on telecommunications service in Prince George’s County at a rate not les than 5%.

Delegate Patterson asked for any feedback on the Telecommunication Bill to be furnished next week this bill would be reviewed next week.

Status: Special Order


Pg  415-03 Prince George’s County-Commercial Entertainment Zones-Sales Tax on Food and Beverages

                                    Sponsor: Delegate  Frush, Menes, and Moe

This bill authorizes the Prince George’s County Council to impose and collect a tax on the sale of food and beverages in a commercial entertainment zone.

Delegate Frush stated that this is a State-wide Bill and to hold off on the vote.

Status: Special Order


Pg 417-03 Prince George’s County- Telecommunications Tax- Exemption Based on Age

                                                            Sponsor: Delegate Moe

 This Bill authorizes the County Council for Prince Georges’s County to exempt services provided to certain classes of persons based on age from the sales and use tax imposed on certain telecommunications service in Prince Georges’s County.

The seniors are affected by this, bill per Delegate Fresh and this bill is similar to bill Pg 415. This bill will be reviewed next week.

Pg 417

Status: Special order



                        Agenda for February 19, 2003


Bills to be presented:

Pg 409-03 Prince Georges County-Telecommunications Tax-Exemption

                                                Sponsor: Delegate Healey


Pg 415-03 Prince George’s County-Telecommunication Tax-Exemption Based on Age

                                                Sponsor: Delegate Moe


Pg 417-03 Prince George’s – Telecommunication Tax- Exemption Based on Age


Pg 440-03 Entitled: State Lottery Tickets- Prince George’s County Surcharge PG 418-03

Pg 414-03 Public school facilities- Surcharge increase Discuss amendments given




 Respectfully Submitted,



 Betty A Harris

 Committee Secretary