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January 24, 2003

The Maryland House of Delegates

Annapolis, Maryland 21401 - 1991


Prince Georges County Delegation Meeting


January 24, 2003



The meeting convened at 9:00 am.


Present:  Delegates Benson, Brown, Conroy, Davis, Frush, Gaines, Griffith,

Healey, Holmes, Hubbard, Kelley, Moe, Niemann, Parker, Patterson, Proctor, Ramirez, Ross, Turner, Vaughan and Howard


Absent:  Delegates Menes and Vallario


Prayer:  Delegate Tawanna Gaines


Delegate Howard convened the meeting.  She introduced the guest speaker Dr. Beatrice P. Tignor, Chair of The Prince George’s County Board Of Education.   Dr. Tignor provided a status report on The New Prince George’s County Board of Education (Ref: Information Package Distribute at Meeting)

Delegate Howard thanked Dr. Tignor for her contributions to the school system.


Committees Reports.


Bi County Committee:


Delegate Doyle Niemann, Chair   Vice-Chair, Delegate Darryl A. Kelley 

No Report


County Affairs Committee: 


Delegate Obie Patterson, Chair  Vice-Chair, Delegate Rosetta Parker

Delegate Patterson reported on the PG  403-03 New Prince Georges County Board of Education Student Member Voting.   Delegate Patterson, stated that the committee met and moved and the status is  (FAV) favorable on the bill, it was seconded by Delegate Hubbard.  Delegate Hubbard moved that this emegerency bill be approved, suspension of the rules to move. 


Law Enforcement & state Appointed Board Delegate Committee:


Delegate Joanne C. Benson, Chair   Vice –Chair, Delegate Victor Ramirez   The Chair reported that PG 302-03 Alcoholic B

everages Violations – Maximum Fine had received a (FAV) favorable committee report and offered a motion, which was seconded by Delegate Griffith.


The Consent Calendar was accepted and the Prince George’s County Delegation Rules were adopted on 01.24.03 for the new term.


The Chair acknowledged Prince Georges County Executive Jack Johnson, Friends from Laurel, and former Delegates Pitkin and Kerry Hill.   Dr. Kerry Hill, Pastor, New Chapel Baptist Church, closed the delegation meeting with prayer at 10:20 a.m.


Submitted by


Vernell Lawson

Asst to the Chair


Next meeting date: Friday January 31, 2003

9:00 a. m.