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March 14, 2003

Maryland House of Delegates

Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1991


Prince Georges’s County Delegation

Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2003


The meeting convened at 9:15 a. m.


Present:  Delegates Benson, Conroy, Davis, Frush, Gaines, Griffith, Healey, Holmes, Hubbard, Kelley, Menes, Moe, Niemann, Parker, Patterson, Procter, Ramirez, Ross, Turner, and Vallario.


Absent:  Chair Carolyn J.B. Howard


Prayer:  Delegate Doyle Niemann


Delegate Proctor opened the meeting by announcing; the budget decision will become final for the House.  Next week the House will review the budget and the following week the Senate budget will be submitted.  He commended three members of the House Appropriations Committee who worked on the budget.  He stated that Delegates Griffith, Gaines, and Niemann did a great job in protecting our interests on the Committee.  Delegate Proctor asked the Delegation to be ready to help with ideas and suggestions as it relates to Delegation issues.  He commended County Executive Jack Johnson’s staff and sated, he has a good group and he appreciated in particular, the help with the budget figures that were provided by Tom Himler, who continued to work during his illness The Delegation sent flowers to Tom during this time.   Tom in turn sent a thank you message, which was read to the Delegation.   


We heard reports from the Bi County Committee, who presented MC/PG 109 and MC/PC 121 that   ruled FAV with amendments for the Consent Calendar.  Delegate Proctor asked that remaining committee reports that were incomplete due to the General Assembly.


Committee Reports




Committee Action

Bill Number

Local Number






Bi-County                                   Chair:

Doyle Niemann                                  Vice Chair:

Darryl A. Kelley

FAV With Amendments

HB 383

MC/PC   109-03


WSSC –Collective Bargaining and Binding Arbitration

Prince George's County Delegation (Delegate Heller)


21 02




MC/PG 108-03


Prince George’s County Land Use Regulation Delegation to Municipal Corporations

Prince Georges’s County Delegation (Delegates Menes, Frush, Moe and Senator Green)




FAV With

HB 865

MC/PC   121-03


Prince George's County – WSSC and M-NCPPC Commission – Removal

Prince George's Delegation Chair o/b/o Prince George’ County Executive



County Affairs                                 Chair:

Obie Patterson                                    Vice Chair: Rosetta Parker


HB 447

PG 409-03


Telecommunications Tax - Exemption

Prince George's County Delegation (Delegate Healey)






HB 461

PG 417-03



Telecommunications Tax – Exemption Based on Age

Prince George's County Delegation (Delegate Moe)



Law Enforcement & State Boards                                      Chair:

Joanne Benson                                    Vice Chair:

Victor Ramirez


HB 451

PG 305-03


Special Class C Beer And Wine Licenses Fees

Prince George's Delegation





HB 452

PG 310-03


Charitable Gaming Events Authorized

Prince Delegation (Delegate Patterson)





HB 459

PG 304-03


Special Class C Beer, Wine and Liquor Fees

Prince George's Delegation (Delegate Brown)




Consent Calendar:

HB 463 PG 308-03 Criminal Procedure – Probation Before Judgment


The decision was made to adjourn at 10:45am and reschedule a follow up meeting next week when the Chair returns.   

Next Delegation Meeting - Friday, March 21, at 9:00 A.M.

Guest Speaker – Dana Gigliotti, Director, Prince Georges’s Highway Safety Task Force