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March 21, 2003

Maryland House of Delegates

Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1991


Prince Georges’s County Delegation

 Meeting Minutes - March 21, 2003


The meeting convened at 9:15 a. m.


Present:  Delegates Benson, Brown, Conroy, Frush, Gaines, Healey, Holmes, Kelley, Menes, Moe, Niemann, Parker, Patterson, Procter, Ramirez, Ross, Turner, Vallario, Vaughn and Howard


Absent:  Delegates Dereck Davis, Melony Griffith, and James Hubbard


Prayer:  Delegate Michael Vaughn


Delegate Howard immediately turned the meeting over to Delegate Patterson for the County Affairs Committee report as the guest speaker was not scheduled until 9:30 A. M.


Committee Reports




Committee Action

Bill Number

Local Number






Bi-County                                   Chair:

Doyle Niemann                                  Vice Chair:

Darryl A. Kelley









County Affairs                                 Chair:

Obie Patterson                                    Vice Chair: Rosetta Parker


HB 457

PG 415-03


Prince George's County - Commercial Entertainment Zones - Sales Tax on Food and Beverages

Prince George's County Delegation (Delegate Frush)




Law Enforcement & State Boards                                      Chair:

Joanne Benson                                    Vice Chair:

Victor Ramirez










Delegate Howard discussed the Legacy Leadership Maryland Program, which bridges the needs of local communities and government in the State of Maryland with the expertise of Maryland residents age 50+ through internships and volunteer service.  Literature was passed out and Delegate Howard advised the Delegation that Gloria Kovnot, Coordinator for the University of Maryland Center on Aging and the Maryland General Assembly, arranged to have seven (7) slots for senior interns for the next General Assembly session.  She asked anyone who is interested to contact Gloria Kovnot.  Delegate Howard also asked the Delegation to identify potential candidates for the program. 


Delegate Howard offered the Delegation calendars from Morgan State University, she advised that she had a limited supply and interested persons should contact Gloria Walker in the Prince George’s Delegation office.


The guest speaker Dana Gigliotti, Director, Prince George’s Highway Safety Task Force, discussed Prince George’s County highway safety statistics.  She provided a statistical comparison for accidents between Prince George’s County vs. the State of Maryland.  She also made a statistical comparison between homicides and accident fatalities.   She described programs and efforts targeting accident prevention and reduction.


Delegate Howard thanked Dana Gigliotti for coming to speak with the Delegation and Ms. Gigliotti entertained several questions. 

Delegate Howard brought an issue to the Delegation regarding the Montgomery County Delegation.


Delegate Howard adjourned the meeting at 9:53 P.M.