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February 13, 2003








Minutes of meeting:  Thursday, February 13, 2003

Call to Order:  9:03 a.m.                    Adjourned:  10:10 a.m.

Members in Attendance:       Delegate Joanne C. Benson, Chair; Delegate Victor R. Ramirez, Vice-Chair; Delegate Brian Moe, Delegate Mary Conroy, Delegate Anne Healey, Delegate Veronica Turner, Delegate Joseph Vallario, Jr., Delegate Dereck Davis

The meeting convened at 9:03 a.m.


Delegate Benson opened the meeting by offering greetings.




Synopsis:          This bill adds Prince George’s County to the counties in which the local board has the authority, after a hearing, to revoke the alcoholic beverage license of an establishment which allows and promotes exotic dancing and other explicit sexually oriented entertainment activities. 


Delegate Benson introduced the bill and read the full synopsis provided by Counsel Susan O. McNamee.


Delegate Conroy moved favorable on the bill.  Motion seconded by Delegate Healey.


No Discussion


Roll Call taken and PG 313-03 (no amendments) passed favorable 5 yeas, 3 members absent from voting.



PG 314-03       ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – OUT OF STATE LICENSEES (Prince George’s County Delegation)


Synopsis:         This bill prohibits the issuance of a Class A or Class D beer, beer and light wine, or beer, wine, and liquor license to a person, corporation holding an alcoholic beverages license in any other state or in DC.  A current license may be renewed.  Testimony at the public hearing indicated this would protect the off sale businesses of the local stores by prohibiting new licensees from outside the county.


Delegate Benson introduced the bill and read the full synopsis provided by Counsel Susan O. McNamee.


                        Delegate Conroy moved that the bill be made favorable in order to open for discussion.  Motion seconded by Delegate Turner.


                        Delegate Healey questioned how many licenses could be issued per chain.


                        Delegate Benson stated there could be one license issued per chain and asked counsel to clarify.


                        Counsel Susan O. McNamee made reference to lines 20-21 of the bill to clarify.


                        Delegate Healey questioned if a new grocery store chain moves into Prince George’s County would they be able to buy a Class C license or would they be prohibited under the guidelines of this bill.


                        Delegate Ramirez moved that we hold PG 314-03 for further information.  Motion seconded by Delegate Healey.


                        PG 314-03 Held


PG 308-03       CRIMINAL PROCEDURE – PROBATION BEFORE JUDGMENT (Prince George’s County Delegation – Senator Green)

Synopsis:         This proposed bill includes Prince George’s County as a county in which a court is authorized to impose a sentence of imprisonment as a condition of probation before judgment.


Delegate Benson introduced the bill and read the full synopsis provided by Counsel Susan O. McNamee.


Delegate Benson stated that an identical bill, SB 28 sponsored by Senators Green and Miller on its second reading in the Senate and Senator Giannetti has introduced a statewide bill. 


Delegate Moe moved that we hold PG 308-03 pending statewide legislation sponsored by Sen. Giannetti and outcome of Senate Bill 28 sponsored by Senators Green and Miller.  Motion seconded by Delegate Turner.







Synopsis:         This proposed bill repeals the prohibition against conducting charitable gaming nights in Prince George’s County. 


Delegate Benson introduced the bill and read the full synopsis provided by Counsel Susan O. McNamee.


Susan O. McNamee introduced draft amendment and stated provisions. 


Sheriff Michael A. Jackson spoke in opposition of PG 310-03 with regard to the lack of funding and available deputies. 


Delegate Conroy questioned if the fee would go to the Sheriff’s Department.


Susan McNamee answered yes; the fee would go to the Sheriff’s Department.


Delegate Benson asked if the $25/hour was an ample fee to pay the people in charge of monitoring the casinos.


Sheriff Jackson said no, and that he would present something in writing to the committee that would outline the expected expenditures. 


Delegate Ramirez questioned if the Sheriff’s Department would have to hire more deputies.


Sheriff Jackson stated yes; but he was unsure of how many deputies he would need.


Delegate Moe asked if he would need the same number of deputies as needed before the law was sunsetted if the number of nights the casinos operated remained the same.


Sheriff Jackson stated yes.


Delegate Healey motioned that we delay any further action on the bill until the Sheriff’s Department has time to review the amendment and make any recommendations for changes.  Motion seconded by Delegate Davis.





Further discussion after motion to delay


Delegate Davis asked why is the overhead so high to run these casino nights.


Steve Novak of the Crescent Cities Jaycees Foundation, Inc. responded by outlining the various expenses involved in operating a casino night.  Hall rental is the top expense along with advertising, food, cars and accounting.


Delegate Conroy made reference to the last page (71-72) of the bill with reference to tips/gratuities and asked if the amendment changed any of the provisions.


Delegate Benson answered no and stated that the tips go to the workers at the charitable gaming event.


Delegate Vallario asked if there is any limit to the number of events that can be held by a charitable organization.


Mr. Novak stated that currently the County code allows for charitable gaming to take place two nights per week.


Delegate Healey stated that she would like to have the number of nights per week these casinos were in operation to be placed into statute.


Delegate Healey asked has the County Executive taken a position on this bill.


Tiffany Hanna of the Office of the County Executive answered no; the County Executive is waiting on the outcome of the statewide slots legislation.


Delegate Moe stated that volunteer groups would suffer because of slot machines.


Delegate Ramirez asked how many nights a month would be helpful to the volunteer organizations.


Mr. Novak stated that he would like to have two (2) nights a week.


PG 310-03 Held for additional information from the Sheriff’s Department.

PG 304-03 Held

PG 305-03 Held


Delegate Benson stated that PG 311-03, PG 312-03, PG 315-03 will be on the agenda for the next meeting.



Delegate Conroy made a motion to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Delegate Healey. 


Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Élana D. Gilmore, Secretary

Law Enforcement and

State Appointed Boards Committee