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01-14-05 Minutes

The Organizational Meeting of The Prince George’s House Delegation was called to order January 14, 2005, 10:15am. A warm welcome was given by Delegate Howard and Delegate Kelley offered prayer. A few minutes were allowed for late arrivals due to weather.

Delegates: Benson, Brown(on leave), Conroy, Davis(late), Frush, Gaines, Griffith(late), Healey, Holmes, Hubbard, Kelley, Menes, Moe, Niemann (absent), Parker, Patterson, Proctor, Ramirez, Ross, Turner, Vallario(absent), Vaughn, Howard.


Vernell Lawson, Assistant to the Chair

Gerry Eggleston

Gloria Walker

Tina Bell

The Chair Honored Delegate Anthony Brown, who is serving in Iraq, by having 1st vice Chair Proctor place a flag draped with a yellow ribbon on his desk and she asked that his desk would remain vacant throughout the session. She introduced his Legislative aid, Katherine Mizzer, who will be sitting in each meeting and taking notes to email to Delegate Brown to keep him informed.


Page from the Senate: Ronald McFadden, Bladensburg High School; Page to the House for the Delegation: Micah Benons, Eleanor Roosevelt High School. The Chair asked the Delegates to introduce their staff and any intern present. Len Luchi was asked to introduce the Team Prince George’s: Derrick Green, Tiffany Hanna, and Joan Pikin. New staff were Allison Black, Bill Haggar, Olivia Hall (office manager), Carolyn Martin (Health), and Matt Stanski, Chris Ketchum‘s replacement. Delegate Howard thanked Tina Bell, our Legacy Leader for the New Year’s Poem that was passed out to all the Delegates. Special thanks was given to Delegate Derrick Davis for the significant amounts of money he donated so that the Delegation website could be updated. We are encouraging everyone to make good use of it.

The Chair thanked Delegate V. Turner for her service as the Amenities Chair last session and she agreed to serve as the Chair again this term. Each delegate was asked to pay $25.00 for Website upkeep and $40.00 for the coffee fund.

Delegate Proctor, Chair of the ad hoc Rules Committee, was asked to review the delegation rules and accept recommendations for additions or updates.

Delegate Frush introduced a letter re: the MBRG Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce and explained the impact the Maryland Chamber of Commerce PAC is making on our Delegates. The Delegate unanimously agreed to support Delegate Frush with signatures to complete the necessary procedures to get action on the letter.

The Chair stated that the wall with our Chairs’ photographs needed a facelift and we agreed to ask someone to look at improving the photograph display and give us an estimate.

We thanked Delegate Neimann, who agreed to donate a tape recorder for the use of committee meetings.

Len Luchi was asked to bring a County flag and Delegate Frush was asked to get the American Flag to replace the existing worn ones in the Delegation room.

Delegate Hubbard, liaison to the Board of Education, shared information about the School Board.

The Chair stated that, per the House administration, no food is allowed in the Delegation room. A delegate will be allowed to bring personal food.

The following meeting dates were established by the committees: Bi County Wednesday 8:30am, Wednesday and 4pm with Montgomery County Jan 19, 2005

County Affairs Tuesday 8am, Jan 18, 2005 and a change to Wednesday 8:30am thereafter; Law Enforcement Thursday 8:30am - this will be the standard meeting days of the committees.


Delegate Holmes - The Collective Banking will meet in the Delegation room at 2pm today. Delegate Howard - Leadership meeting will be held each Monday at 4pm in room 201. The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am.