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Highlights from the 2014 Session

Apr 21, 2014

The Prince George's County House Delegation has prepared the following short recap of local bills and budget allocations for Prince George's County based on early data from the legislature. A more detailed report will be posted when it is complete.  

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2014 Session


 TOTAL DIRECT AID - $1.2 Billion

Direct Funding for Prince George’s County:

  • County & Municipal - $71 Million Total
  • Community College  - $27.6 Million
  • Public Schools           - $1 Billion
  • Libraries                    - $6.76 Million
  • Health                        - $6.3 Million
  • Retirement Payments - $101.7 Million


Funding overall increased 5.7 percent for Prince George’s County compared to last year. Most of the increase is to public schools, which are receiving $57.56 million more.


Increase includes revenue from the changes to measuring Net Taxable Income, which rises to $10.9 million this year for Prince George’s County, an increase of $8.5 million on the second year of the phase-in.


Capital Projects / Construction:

  • Public School Construction – $19.8 million

(Includes Glenarden Woods Elementary ($6.95m), Crossland, Forestville and Frederick Douglass high schools (approx  $1 million each), Potomac High School ($1.47 million) and 11 other projects totaling less than $1 million each)


  • Legislative Bond Bills - $2.25 million

(Includes community and district projects like the District Heights Family and Youth Services Bureau Facility ($250K), Bowie Gymnasium Roof Replacement ($130K), Brentwood Town Center ($150K), Elizabeth Seton High School Sports Facility Renovation ($100K) and 16 other projects throughout  Prince George’s County.


Delegation Bills Passed This Session:

HB 973  - WSSC - Commission Infractions - Watershed Regulations

Increases the maximum preset fines by WSSC for violations from $50 to $150 for a first offense and from $100 to $300 for a repeat offense.


HB 976 - Salary - State's Attorney

Raises salary for next elected State’s Attorney to $199,000 beginning next term.


HB 977 - MNCPPC Police - Workers Compensation - Lyme Disease Presumption - Repeal of Termination Date 

Does not require direct evidence of on-job exposure for MNCPPC Parks and outdoor workers for Lyme Disease


HB 1017 Board of Education - Elected Member Vacancy - Approval of Appointment

Allows appointment of replacement members to school board to take place swiftly, with consideration by County Council.


HB 1019 Adults with Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council - Sunset Repeal

Continues work of the advisory committee launched in 2012


HB 1035 Juvenile Court & School Safety Workgroup - Continuation, Membership, Duties

Continues work of the advisory committee launched in 2013


HB 1043 Deferred Water and Sewer Charges Homeowner Disclosure Act of 2014

Requires developers to disclose future deferred water & sewer charges to buyers. Sets 20 year limit on charging of the fees.


HB 1046 City of College Park Employees - Participation in the Employees' Pension System

Allows city of College Park employees to transfer to the state’s pensions and retirement system.


HB 1047 Employees' Pension System - Prince George's County - Optional Membership

Allows county departmental supervisors traditionally employed for shorter periods to opt in to the county’s pensions system.


HB 1048 School Facilities Surcharge Exemption - Capitol College Student Housing

Waives schools fee for construction of student housing at Capitol College as well as low-income housing in Glass Manor if it meets standards.


HB 1057 University of Maryland College Park Bus Service – Motor Vehicle Permit Exemption – Removal of Sunset

Continues program that allows College Park residents to ride University of Maryland buses with appropriate ID.


HB 1075 Public Utilities - System Development Charge – Definitions

Codifies WSSC practice for charging owners of an apartment or condo for individual hookups and use of the water system on a unit-by-unit basis.


Estimated State Spending on Prince George’s:

(Based on Estimates of Use for Programs in the County. Funded by grants and state-run programs in Prince George’s County)


Health Services:

  • $61.5 million for the developmentally disabled
  • $45.2 million for behavioral health services


Social Services:

  • Homeless Services $585,000
  • Women’s Services $348,000
  • Adult Services        $646,000
  • Child Welfare         $11.1 million


Seniors Services:

  • Long-Term Care        $1 million
  • Community Services $196,000



Data Source: Maryland Department of Legislative Services, 90-Day report on the 2014 Session. Available online at: